Guttering & Downpipes

For all your guttering needs, turn to SBS. As a premier gutter supplier, we offer a diverse selection of top-quality uPVC guttering, downpipes, and accessories. Our range equips you with everything required to complete your new rainwater system.

Our guttering and downpipes come in various capacities and colours, guaranteeing both effective rainwater management and aesthetic appeal for your home or building. Each product line includes a 10-year rainwater assurance, providing confidence in your purchase from a reliable company.

Discover Our PVC Guttering Range

At SBS, we cater to diverse building types. Our 112mm half-round system offers an economical choice ideal for small to medium-sized homes. On the other hand, our SuperDeep 170mm deep flow guttering system provides high-capacity solutions for commercial structures or large roofed buildings. Regardless of your choice, installation is straightforward, and maintenance is hassle-free. Plus, all our systems include colour-coordinated fittings for a truly professional finish.

Not sure which guttering system suits your needs? Visit a local SBS branch and consult our friendly team of experts today.

Guttering FAQs

Installing Guttering

Prioritize preparation! Select a uPVC guttering system aligning with your roof's design flow rate. For eaves gutter systems, ensure they can handle intense two-minute rainfall as per British Standard BS12056. To determine the runoff amount (litres per second), consult the standard. When replacing PVC guttering, consider adjusting the system's capacity to account for increased storms and rainfall.

Maintaining uPVC Guttering

Routine exterior wipe-downs of gutters and downpipes maintain their condition. Concurrently, check for leaks, and if necessary, re-clip the gutter after lifting it for gasket cleaning. Re-secure loose components, and don't forget to clean 'grey water' water butts connected to the gutters. If silt or leaf debris accumulates, scoop it out and flush with a hose.

Repairing uPVC Guttering

While replacement is usually better than repair, regular maintenance minimizes repair frequency. For guidance on repairing uPVC guttering, consult local reputable traders experienced in the process.

Choosing Guttering Size

With increasing rainfall, deeper uPVC guttering systems are recommended. These systems manage higher water volumes than conventional half-round designs. Square or round, the choice depends on your home's style. Ogee systems with decorative details are perfect for low-level roofs like single-story extensions or conservatories.

Joining Guttering and Downpipes

Gutters are united with unions that match the chosen profile. Fit the gutter into the moulding up to the designated mark, ensuring compression onto the gasket seal. Always place fascia brackets 150mm from any joint/corner for extra support. Downpipes use pipe sockets, fitting the socket over the lower edge of the downpipe, and the spigot detail push-fits into the downpipe. Secure with a pipe clip under the socket for joint strength.

Benefits of Deep Gutters

Intense rainfall challenges traditional half-round or square uPVC guttering. Deeper uPVC systems offer greater capacity, effectively managing rainwater. They require fewer downpipes, enhancing your home's appearance while efficiently draining the roof. Choose from round, square, or Ogee styles with decorative details for low-level roofs. SBS ensures your rainwater system performs flawlessly while elevating your home's aesthetic.

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