When embarking on a project – even if it's just a repair for your home – it's crucial to keep in mind the finer details. That's why we have a diverse selection of accessories available. From sealants, adhesives, and colour-matched pins to nails, screws, and roofline ventilation products, we're here to ensure that your project runs smoothly and you get the best results.


Silicone sealants

Our inventory encompasses a wide array of silicone sealants, ensuring you'll discover the perfect fit for your task. Silicone sealant is an incredibly adaptable adhesive that retains both its elasticity and flexibility. Moreover, its durability and waterproof properties make it exceptionally well-suited for kitchen and bathroom applications.

We offer a range of white and coloured silicone sealants that are suitable for an extensive range of endeavours, whether they involve minor DIY undertakings or substantial commercial ventures.


We stock an assortment of fixings, ranging from adhesives to nails, pins, and screws – a comprehensive selection to meet your fastening needs.

Screws, nails and plugs

SBS provides an extensive variety of plastic-headed nails and pins, meticulously colour-matched to suit an array of colours including white, black, brown, anthracite grey, cherry oak, and dark cherry oak. Our assortment of screws ensures that your fastening requirements are met with utmost security and professionalism.

Glues and adhesives

Our inventory boasts a wide array of premium glues and adhesives sourced from Soudal, perfectly suited for an extensive range of applications. Whatever your specific needs may be, we offer a product that aligns perfectly.


Our collection of roof and eave vents has been purposefully designed to aid in roof space and soffit ventilation. These top-notch products adhere to all pertinent building regulations, effectively enhancing the airflow within your roof space.

If you are uncertain about which accessories you need for your project, or if you have a more specific requirement, call or visit your local SBS branch and we'll be happy to help.

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