A sturdy, long-lasting, purpose-fit drainage system holds immense importance for any building, whether it's for commercial or residential use.

At SBS, we offer a diverse selection of top-notch drainage products, spanning from soil and waste pipes, subterranean drainage setups, and inspection chambers, to covers and rodding points.

So, regardless of the specific drainage needs you have, you can trust us to supply you with the necessary products precisely when you need them.

Soil pipe systems

Our comprehensive lineup of soil pipe setups comes in various profiles, fittings, and colours, including black, grey, and white. Crafted from high-gloss uPVC, this range provides an array of advantages, from its lightweight and enduring nature to its user-friendly installation process and low maintenance requirements.

All of our soil pipe systems seamlessly integrate with the majority of other systems in the UK, having undergone testing to ensure compliance with the British Standard EN1329-1:2014. This assures you that you're investing in a high-quality product from a trusted supplier.

Underground drainage systems

Similar to our soil pipe systems, SBS's underground drainage systems offer a range of profiles and fittings. Our assortment of drainage systems boasts attributes like lightness, durability, resistance to impact, and straightforward installation, all by the British Standard EN1401-1:2019.

For more details about our drainage systems and to engage in a conversation with our approachable team of experts regarding your underground requirements, we invite you to visit your local SBS branch today.

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